Wednesday, June 26, 2013

CPC-KMT platform resumes with Xi-Wu meeting

l  KMT Honorary Chairman Wu Poh-hsiung lead a party delegation to Beijing during June 12-14. Wu met Secretary-General of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Xi-Jinping on June 13. It was the first formal meeting between Xi and Wu since the former assumed control of the CPC during its 18th Party Congress last October. Wu also met the chairman of China’s Political Consultative Conference (PCC), Yu Zhengsheng, on June 14 before heading home.

l  Though both the CPC and the KMT downplayed the significance behind the first Xi-Wu meeting, there was nevertheless significant attention on the event amidst rising calls for cross-Strait political talks out of Beijing. The latitude that Wu was able to exhibit at the meeting provided an early indication of changes, if any, that President Ma Ying-jeou plans to pursue on this highly sensitive but unavoidable issue.

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