Sunday, September 9, 2018

ETRC Group is Back!!

* Starting in September 2018, ETRC Group will resume posting articles and reports on socioeconomic and political events, developments, and trends pertinent to the continued peace and stability in and around the Taiwan Strait and Asia Pacific region.

* From domestic politics to geopolitical movements, ETRC Group seeks to assist clients in identifying opportunities and challenges that could have a potential impact--both short- and long-term--on government decisions and corporate decisions.

* In addition, ETRC Group assists clients in tracking industries and corporate entities with growth potential. Furthermore, ETRC Group compiles information on market conditions that would lead to changes in product design, market presence, and operating strategy.

* ETRC Group looks forward to renewing long-existing and strengthening newly-developed relationships with clients interested in the Asia Pacific region. Your comments and suggestions are, as always, most welcome.