Thursday, November 13, 2014

Taiwan's "9-in-1" local elections on November 29-Part II

l  KMT’s strategy in the next 14 days:
(1)  “Rejuvenate” the rank-and-file with policy incentives, e.g. infrastructure upgrading and improved government retirees' benefits;
(2)  Turn the campaign into a “Blue vs. Green” showdown; and
(3)  Emphasize the possible “domino effect” on 2016 presidential race if the KMT loses on November 29.

l DPP’s strategy in the next 14 days:
(1)   Stay away from a “Blue vs. Green” showdown, particularly in Taipei, and focus on “quality-of-life” issues, e.g. education, affordable housing and food safety;
(2)   Keep hitting the KMT where it hurts the most: lack of leadership, poor governability, economic malaise, cross-Strait stalemate and corruption; and
(3)   Ma and his administrative team are “out of touch” with the ordinary people.

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