Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Taiwan completes first phase of Cabinet reshuffle

l  The biggest political news in Taiwan during the nine-day Lunar New Year (LNY) holiday was the Cabinet reshuffle. Outgoing Premier, and vice president-elect, Wu Den-yih tendered resignation en masse in late January, and Sean Chen, the former vice premier, was nominated by President Ma Ying-jeou to succeed Wu.

l  Before the presidential inauguration in May, Wu, since he will have no official capacity, may attend the Boao Forum in April to meet with Li Keqiang, who will likely become China’s next premier in spring 2013.

l  The ongoing Cabinet overhaul will be carried out in stages, and the process will not be complete until more personnel changes are made in the National Security Council (NSC), Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA), and Mainland Affairs Council (MAC).

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