Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The next China-Taiwan summit

l  Although Beijing and Taipei have agreed to hold another cross-Strait summit later this year, both sides have not yet decided when and where the next round of high-level talks will take place.

l  Relevant decisions will not be made until negotiators from both sides have reached agreement on the details of the planned investment protection agreement and the proposed nuclear safety accord.

l  While Taipei would like to have it in the first half of this year, prospects are not particularly bright since Beijing and Taipei remain at odds over, among other things, arbitration schemes to resolve trade and investment disputes.

l  On the other hand, there were positive developments in cross-Strait aviation last week since both sides agreed, in principle, to increase the number of weekly flights from the current 370 to 500. There will also be more cities added by both sides to service the increased flights.

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