Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Time to get serious about "Going Green"

l  With rising oil prices and the Taiwanese public becoming more concerned over nuclear safety, a “Green Trade Project Office” (GTPO) was recently established to promote Taiwan’s green products and improve its image in the global green trade sector.

l  The office, under the supervision of the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA), plans to start a three-year project this year that will focus on industrial counseling, manpower training, and marketing of the green trade between Taiwan and other trading partners, including China.

l  The powerful earthquake that hit Japan last month has again raised public awareness and reminded people of the importance of dealing with the global greenhouse effect and reducing carbon emissions, as well as fostering green growth in Taiwan.

l  The MOEA plans to initiate programs for a year-on-year growth of 20 percent of Taiwan's green product exports starting this year, which is higher than the 10-percent-growth forecast for the island’s overall exports in 2011.

l  In 2009, Taiwan's green product exports totaled US$11.8 billion, accounting for just 5.8 percent of the country's total exports and representing a meager 5-percent share of the global green product market. China has been the leading destination for Taiwan's green products, absorbing US$3.42 billion worth, followed by the European Union at US$2.26 billion, the United States with US$2.25 billion, Japan at US$450 million, and Hong Kong with US$300 million.

l  With government's continued efforts to promote the island’s green products and trade, more cross-Strait cooperation in solar, wind, and other alternative sources of energy are expected in the coming years.

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