About us

Based in Taipei, Taiwan,
e-telligence Research and Consulting Group (ETRC) is an integrated consulting practice that:
•Specializes in Taiwan's economic environment and cross-Strait relations;
•Identifies China-Taiwan business trends and investment opportunities;
•Interprets politics and policies pertinent to your business decisions;
•Alerts you to macro-considerations to increase your profitability.
At the moment, the ETRC Group provides the following services:
•Weekly reports with in-depth analysis on Taiwan politics and policy, cross-Strait relations, and economics and trade;
•Periodic Insight and Analysis news flashes (within 24 hours) of
policies and events that are relevant to your business decisions.

The ETRC Team:

  1. Raymond J. Wu, JD, Ph.D. (Law and City & Regional Planning, University of California at Berkeley)
  2. Steven K. Huang, Ph.D. (Economics, University of Wisconsin)
  3. William C. Lin, M.S. (Statistics, University of South Carolina)
  4. Gary S. Lu, M.A. (Political Science, UCLA)
  5. Justin Miau, B.A. (Sociology, Oregon State University)