Monday, October 29, 2012

“1992 consensus” remains the cornerstone of cross-Strait relations

l  Despite the recent visit by former premier and DPP Chairman Frank Hsieh, China’s Taiwan Affairs Office (TAO) continued to insist that relationship between China and Taiwan has to be based on the "one-China" principle and the "1992 consensus." The TAO also reiterated China's opposition to dejure independence for Taiwan.

l  Although Beijing will broaden contacts with the opposition DPP in Taiwan, institutional relations with the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) remain improbable in the future, unless, of course, the DPP abandons its pro-independence charter and acknowledges the existence of the “1992 consensus.”

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Monday, October 22, 2012

The US includes Taiwan in the visa-waiver program

l  It is now official: the United States will include Taiwan in its visa-waiver program in November 2012. Taiwan is the 37th country or region in the world to be extended such courtesy, and Republic of China (ROC) passport holders can now travel to 129 countries and areas around the world without applying for a visa first.

l  While many factors were responsible, the de-escalation of tension across the Taiwan Strait and the island’s democratic and economic accomplishments were considered most important.

l  Amidst global economic uncertainty and economic malaise at home, Washington’s decision to include Taiwan in the visa-waiver program provided a timely shot in the arm to the Ma administration. More importantly it has broadened Taiwan’s international space beyond the traditional definition of the term.....

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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Large-scale layoffs return amidst economic downturn

l  According to Taiwan's Council of Labor Affairs (CLA), the number of large-scale layoffs increased significantly in July and August compared to that in the first half of 2012.

l The CLA further stated that the layoff of 1360 employees at ProMOS Technologies is by far the largest this year.

l  At the same time, Nanya Technology (TaiEx 2408), a leading memory chipmaker in Taiwan and part of the Formosa Plastics Group (FPG), recently announced plans to lay off 200 workers due to poor sales and a general slowdown in the industry. In addition, the firm will transfer 400 employees to other units of the FPG to restructure its labor force.

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Monday, October 15, 2012

Why did Beijing say “yes” to Frank Hsieh?

l  Former premier and DPP Chairman Frank Hsieh’s visit to China in early October has been undoubtedly the most talked-about event in cross-Strait relations during recent weeks.

l  Besides his consistently moderate views toward China, one can’t help but wonder why would Beijing put aside ideological differences and allow Hsieh to visit the mainland on the eve of Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) 18th Party Congress.

l  Following Hsieh’s trip, will the DPP begin to make substantive changes in its China policy? Will Beijing extend the same courtesy to other DPP heavyweights, particularly presidential aspirants, in the future? Lastly, how would Hsieh’s trip impact the dynamics of cross-Strait relations.....

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Friday, October 5, 2012

DPP's Frank Hsieh visits China

* Former premier and chairman of Taiwan's Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) , Frank Hsieh, accepted an invitation from the International Bartender Association (IBA) to visit China during October 4-8. Hsieh will first visit the City of Xiamen in Fujian Province before departing for Beijing on October 5.

* Hsieh's trip could mark the beginning of substantive changes in DPP's China policy. Though institutional relationship between the Communist Party of China (CPC) and the DPP remains unlikely, there will likely be more visits and exchanges after China completes its once-in-a-decade transfer of power in spring 2013.

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