Wednesday, June 8, 2011

When individual Chinese tourists visit Taiwan

l  Starting June 25, a maximum of 500 individual Chinese tourists will be allowed to visit Taiwan per day, marking another major step forward in cross-Strait economic relations.

l  The long-anticipated free independent travelers (FIT) program for Chinese tourists will begin first with residents of Beijing, Shanghai, and Xiamen, with more mainland cities added if the program "proceeds well."

l  Chinese FIT applicants need to meet following requirements: (1) must be at least 20 years old, (2) with proof of regular income and financial assets, (3) students must be 18 or older and are currently enrolled in school, and (4) they will all need to purchase travel insurance with coverage of, at least, NT$2 million.

l  In the initial stages, individual Chinese tourist will be allowed to stay in Taiwan for up to 15 days per visit, and each of them will also need to provide a summary of their itineraries, as well as emergency contacts of relatives in China before coming to Taiwan.

l  Chinese travelers who overstay their visas will be prohibited from entering Taiwan again for three years, whether in a group or as an FIT visitor.

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